Daniel is DJ Diet. He has worked as a freelance DJ in Boston, Philadelphia and the Bay Area since 1995. Diet prides himself on his diverse selection, deep vinyl collection, experienced scratching and his ability to get people to dance to music they’ve never heard before. On any given night, his crate includes Hip-Hop, Funk, Afrobeat, Latin, Brazilian and eclectic electronic music from across the globe.

In 2005, Diet teamed up with Ahmed Khouja aka DubSnakr to form DietSnaks. They gradually transitioned from their role as the resident DJs for UC Berkeley’s Architecture school to hosting monthly club nights in SF and a series of massive warehouse parties in Downtown Oakland. DietSnaks currently spin at two monthly parties in the East Bay - The Stronghold Sound on 1st Saturdays at the Layover in Downtown Oakland and Selector Sessions on 3rd Thursdays at Jupiter in Berkeley. They can also be found at various house parties, special events and shows on both sides of the Bay. When their crates are combined, the Stronghold Sound is a mash-down of global beats that will keep you dancing and keep you guessing about what’s next. 

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