Artist Bio

I am an artist, designer and DJ living and working in Oakland. I began my art career as a Boston teenager, working as a professional painter and photographer for Artists for Humanity, a non-profit after-school arts program. From the beginning, buildings and streetscapes were the primary subjects of my work. My paintings captured the dynamism of the city’s transportation infrastructure, chaotic construction sites, and glowing nighttime streets.

My passion for exploring the rapidly changing urban environment led to an interest in design and urbanism. I studied architecture and art history at the University of Pennsylvania and relocated to the Bay Area to pursue a Master’s degree in Architecture at UC Berkeley. Over time, my design process and artistic process have become steadily more intertwined, as I trade themes and techniques across media.

My collages envision a city engaged in a constant state of transformation. The urban fabric is a collage in its own right, aggregated over time into a massive infrastructural complex on a vast scale. The abstract — yet distinctly spatial — compositions explore future urban landscapes derived from my memory, imagination and present reality. Using the scraps, maps, magazines and memorabilia that I accumulate in my studio, I dismantle then — reassemble — architectural fragments into new and unexpected relationships. The interlocking forms and surreal juxtapositions blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, natural and manmade, growth and decay, earth and sky.

While many different cities have shaped my vision, from Boston to Philadelphia to Oakland and beyond to Rio and Barcelona, these collages represent not a singular place but rather the themes that have traveled with me throughout my experience as an artist, a designer, and a city dweller.